The year was 2006 and I, the self proclaimed “Biggest Neopets Fan” decided that I would not compromise for a boring, white page for my Neopets' Userlookup. So, I dug around the internet and discovered something called HTML, to create my own pretty website to display all my virtual pets. At first, HTML meant nothing to me but something to copy and paste. But as time went on, copy and pasting became editing and modifying. I was taking pieces of code, and editing areas I disliked. However, as I became pickier and pickier, I started to pick up pieces of codes, and they became more than just gibberish; they made sense and

I, the "Biggest Neopets Fan” was talkinG to a computer.


When I finished my own complete first piece of code, I was ecstatic. I was so ecstatic that I moved on to creating a website which allowed me to share my code, with other fellow virtual pet gamers. I fell in love with open-source software and its community.

Not a long has changed since 2006, I still tackle problems with the same enthusiasm and motivation, and am now a second year Computer Science major student at the University of British Columbia. Yet, most importantly, I am still forever seeking the perfect Neopets Userlookup.

Welcome to my site!