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Charmaine Lee

💖 Writer of code and stories 💖

Product Manager, AR at Snapchat

Previously: Unity [Labs], Microsoft
New York City

Product Manager AR at Snapchat
All things AR Authoring and developer experience, launched Lens Studio 5.0!
Senior Product Manager at Unity
XR at Unity Labs, launched Unity Slices: Table at Meta Connect
Experimentation + DevRel at Microsoft, HoloLens and Minecraft: Education Edition
Software Engineer at Slack + Pinterest
Developer tools and 3rd party integrations (APIs)

TEDx talk about coding at 7 years old

Featured on Figma's Shortcut Blog for "Charmaine Lee’s 10 rules for building developer tools that feel like magic"🪄

Spoke at Lens Fest, Grace Hopper Conference, Metaverse Safety Week and more

Featured by Mark Cuban, CNBC, Fortune, Grimes for our AI education nonprofit