Computer Science

How I chose my university major:

Choosing a major is like choosing a pair of shoes in a shoe store. There are so many different options, they’re all unique and fascinating but, what if they don’t look good on me?

When I first stumbled upon the idea that I liked Sciences, I signed up for the Career Preparation Program in my high school. It was simple, if you had an interest, you wrote it down, and your teacher will try to land you interviews at different companies seeking help. That made my job 20x easier because one month into grade 11, I was working at Science World. I loved ripping tickets for people heading in the OMNIMAX theatre, but what I loved even more was educating visitors about the galleries. On the first day, we were given informational sheets about facts of the various galleries, and the science behind certain demos and machines. I went home, read through the information and was so fascinated, I memorized every single fact I possibly could have. The next day, I was spitting out facts to guests like it was the new Fetty Wap single. That’s when I realized I loved Science, and also that I am maybe, just maybe, a huge nerd. 

I proceeded to try and discover more opportunities to volunteer or work in the realm of Science & Technology. This is where Tech Easy comes in. I helped kickstart Tech Easy, a non-profit organization with over 250 volunteers going around the Greater Vancouver, helping seniors with technology. Teaching others about technology is what made me realize that I loved it. I loved every aspect of it. Then, thinking back to how I used to love programming as a hobby, everything clicked. I found the perfect shoe.

There is still a huge chance that Computer Science might not be what I am destined to do, but half a year into the program, I can confirm that so far, I regret nothing.

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