School has only been opened for 3 weeks and I already have a midterm in a couple of days. How great is that? Haha, but in all seriousness, second semester has definitely been treating me way better than the first.

I am currently in CPSC 121, which is a Computer Science course about logic, proofs, circuits etc. and one of the topics we discuss is algorithms. The word "algorithm" itself sparked a sense of nostalgia in me. I used to memorize tons and tons of algorithms because I loved Rubik's Cubes. I knew the beginner's method and the Jessica Fridrich method to solving a 3x3 cube (the latter method being more efficient, of course!) and that was all I did in grade 7. Yes, I was that kid. But, unless this is the first post you have read by me, are you really surprised?

I liked to call myself the "hardcore recreational cuber". No, I was no Thrawst, or MeMyselfandPi (my favourite YouTube cubers), but I cubed 24/7 (on the bus, while walking, in class- you name it). The first time I ever ordered anything online was the silver mirror bump cube. I was in love. Shortly after ordering that one, I saved up all my allowance and bought the rest, which I spent days learning how to solve all the parity errors. After spending days learning, I spent years practicing and of course, mastered the cube lubrication technique with sand paper & silicone spray. If you are interested, the cubes shown include the Lanlan 2x2, Rubik's 3x3, Ghosthand 3x3 (my favourite), Mini Diansheng 3x3, Void Cube, Mirror/Bump Cube, Maru 4x4 and Eastsheen 5x5, Rubik's Slide & Rubik's Snake. I still remember my English teacher forcing me to solve a scrambled cube in front of all my classmates. I solved it in exactly 30 seconds, that was my record, even up till today.

It's been a couple of years since I have done speedcubing, so I timed myself yesterday, and my 5 best tries averaged at around 1 minute and 10 seconds. Not the best, but considering I haven't cubed in so long, it was definitely decent. 

Anyway, did you have any childhood obsessions? Share them with me!