Hackathon Sticker Culture

If you have ever been to a hackathon, or any tech-related event, you would have experienced being greeted by a variation of different laptops- all covered in the same familiar looking stickers. I guess you could say it’s the influential hacker culture that made me wrap my macbook up too. I’ll talk about my own stickers some other time, but here is a guide to knowing everything about a hacker, just by catching a glimpse of their laptop shells.


The “Typical Tech Geek” 

  • This laptop is usually covered with stickers from head to toe. It’s clear that this person doesn’t host auditions for their stickers because every sticker makes the cut. There could be your typical Chrome and GitHub sticker, but right beside it, is a sticker peeled off an old cereal box. However, tech geeks comes in all shapes and forms. Some of them have their stickers nicely aligned with equal spacing in between. On other hand, some slam those stickers on like they’re free (well I guess they are), regardless of whether they are upside down, or overlapping each other.


The “Hackathon Enthusiast” 

  • This person could be hard to differentiate from the regular tech geeks- to a non hacker. This person’s sticker arrangement doesn’t really matter for as long as they have every hackathon’s signature sticker on their laptop. This could be anything from the “Hack the North” sticker or even better, the “I Demoed” MLH stickers. On the rare occasion, they might even let “Soylent” slide into the mix. This particular sticker is to inform you that this person is not here to play, they won’t be eating until that DevPost submission deadline has passed.


The “I’m New But Not After This Hacker”

  • We get it. It’s hard being a first time hacker AND be prepared for the laptop sticker judging panels. However, this person is grabbing swag from left to right, and the second they grab a seat, you can be rest assured that they will be sticking every sticker they just got, straight onto that laptop.


The “No Sticker Laptop”

  • I bet this person forgot that they are at a hackathon.


So there you go! That’s the official hackthon stickers guide. 

(But in all honesty, this blog post should not be taken seriously. Not putting stickers on your laptop is actually the smartest thing to do. Why would you buy a $1500 laptop just to have the beautiful casing covered ;). Right?)