Octocat Universe

I'm not really sure how to justify this purchase, but maybe making a blog post about it will make me feel better. I'm in love with the little GitHub octocat. If you aren't, watch this and you too, will find yourself checking out at the GitHub online store.

On the bright side, I just started using the Atom text editor and as much as I love Sublime, there's something about a "hackable" editor that makes Atom just that much more special. I'm definitely going to play around with hacking Atom and maybe then, the Atom sticker I got will also become a justifiable purchase- like the rest of them! :)

EDIT: the hoodie & t-shirt are so soft, the stickers are beautiful, and the little octocat figurine is pretty much the cutest thing that has ever set foot in my room so I regret nothing. You need to get yourself an octocat figurine here too.