UBC Local Hack Day 2016

I haven't posted in a while because I have been working my bum off to organize a 12 hour mini-hackathon for CS students at UBC. I'm so proud to say that we have successfully partnered up with not only Major League Hacking & GitHub, but also our Computer Science Department and our Computer Science Student Society to make this event possible. It's definitely been difficult working on all the logistics portion of the hackathon, along with the website, posters etc. But we did it! We published our website and created a facebook page for the event on December 3rd. Check it out here.

Organizing this hackathon was no easy task. We had to register the event with venues and partners all within a month. The trickiest part is definitely the fact that I organized this whole event alone with my one partner in crime, Kristen. It took a lot of determination and guts for us to take on a project with such time constraint. We went from having never organized a hackathon, to sending endless emails to different company sponsors, food caterers, mentors and workshop hosts etc.  We were constantly fueling each others' motivation. We took on the challenge to organize the event and do all the graphics and web designs on our own as we both enjoy front end / UI. However, it was time-consuming to say the least, especially since this was all during midterms season. 

I am so proud of this hackathon and how it all came together. We learnt so much in the process and it would mean the world to us if you came as well! Make sure to sign up at: http://ubchacks.me or even just share the event with your friends.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on December 3rd! :)

p.s. Check out our cool poster by clicking here!