Afterthought: UBC Hacks 2016

If you haven't read my blog post about UBC Hack's Local Hack Day, make sure you read about it here. Here are my afterthoughts of the event.

To begin with, the event was an incredible experience and I had so much fun organizing it. Although being one of the only two organizers of the hackathon was rather stressful at times, I am so proud of us pulling it all together in the end. 

To give a brief recap of the day, we started off with lots of free swag (including our very own UBC Hacks stickers <3) at registration followed by a PowerPoint presentation. We introduced the overall structure of the event and gave a couple of shoutouts to our sponsoring companies (we ended up with over 20 supporting companies!) for helping make the event happen. The 200 students who showed up then broke up into teams and started hacking. Shortly after team formation, UBC's AMS Game Development Association gave a workshop about how to use Git for hackathon projects. The speaker was engaging and the talk was incredibly informative. We then had lunch, followed by a quick snack. Susan Ibach- a Microsoft Technical Evangelist who flew in from Redmond, hosted an Azure Workshop. As an MSP myself, I have really come to appreciate what Azure has to offer. I actually recently entered a Machine Learning competition and I couldn't thank Azure's Machine Learning Studio enough for helping a bunch of noobies get through the competition. Therefore, I feel honoured that Microsoft was able to offer all our attendees free access to Azure! Lastly, we had pizza (lots and lots of it) and demos in the end. Unfortunately, my co-organizer had to leave before the demos so I had to MC the whole closing ceremony alone. It was nerve-racking but at least now I know I'm capable of that haha! The demos blew my mind away and I'm glad that lots of my favourite projects ended up with some prizes. 

All in all, it was a rewarding experience and I will definitely be doing it again next year!

(Check out our goofy Devpost submission here)

p.s I just got accepted to Stanford's TreeHacks! Message me if you are heading there in February too! I would love to meet up! :)