Silicon Valley

When I first started this blog, I would have never thought that I would ever sit here and talk about a TV show that I recently finished. But at the same time, what else did I really think I was going to write about? Me playing basketball? (This is only funny if you know me in real life and know how incredibly unathletic I am HAHA)

Anyway, I've been obsessed with Silicon Valley, a comedy about a bunch of programmers who try to battle their way through being a tech startup company. I guess I feel an extra bond to this show as I too, inspire to be like them in the future. Maybe not all the crazy parts of the show, just the part where they develop a program, people discover them and they get pretty popular.

Most importantly, I have checked off another TV show off my little mental checklist. If you are curious, my mental checklist consists of every TV show in the Comedy genre ever made. (Trust me, I'm almost nearing the bottom of the list) I know, you must think that I have no friends and all I do is sit at home and watch TV shows on my laptop. Well, you're wrong because my mom can't even BEGIN to tell you all about our 18 year and ongoing friendship.