Summer Plans

I haven't been posting lately mostly because end of semester means essays, assignments & studying. BUT, exams are almost over! I have one more exam left and I'll officially be done with first year university! I can't believe how fast time flies. 

Although I should probably be studying right now, I'd much rather tell you guys about my plans for the summer. First and foremost, I got a summer internship in Hong Kong. This will be an amazing experience, but I won't say too much as I'll definitely blog about it more later on. That being said, I'll be leaving for Hong Kong the day I am done with exams. I studied in Hong Kong from Grade 2-6 (I graduated elementary school twice! haha) and that's where all my childhood memories are. So I am so excited to go back! I'll also be heading to Korea for a little family vacation!

I just thought I'd share what I will be up to! You'll definitely hear more from me very soon. 

P.S. The goodies in the thumbnail of this post is from a CS volunteer appreciation lunch I went to. SO MUCH SWAGG