Review: UBC CPSC 121

The end of a semester calls for another course review. This time, for CPSC 121. This course is an introductory course to models of computation. It covers all the basics from as simple as converting binary to hexadecimal, to different types of circuits (combinational logic circuits, sequential circuits, finite-state machines etc). I really enjoyed this course because it was the first time I have really dealt with discrete mathematics and have been able to associate it to different aspects of Computer Science, not just programming.  

CPSC 121 in particular has fairly heavily weighted assignments, which makes sense because they can quite time consuming. Those assignments ensure that you are keeping up with the class work. There are also weekly quizzes but those are fairly straightforward and only exist to make sure you are doing the pre-readings. In addition to quizzes, there are weekly labs where you work on “magic boxes” & logisim. Unlike in 110, labs are usually very simple & most people finish within an hour or so. As far as the midterms go, they definitely can be tricky, but that seems to be a trend in 121. So, as long as you are riding the curve, you should have nothing to worry about.

Overall, the course was interesting & was very enjoyable, I highly recommend it to anyone interested in Computer Science, or even to any Math lovers out there.

QED. :)