My trip to Korea was definitely a trip to remember. I went with my own family along with a couple of aunts and uncles, putting us at 8 people in total. Going anywhere with my family, aunts & uncles is super fun because everyone is so energetic and happy all the time. Therefore, going to Korea was no different. There was pretty much never a dull moment. But since we were only going there for 5 days, my aunt personally made us a super detailed itinerary accommodating where each and every single one of us wanted to go. We were out the door at 8am and got back to the hotel after 12am every night, but it was so worth it. The food in Korea was not only cheap, they’re delicious. Their desserts are also so cute, but what did I expect, it’s Korea! 

We visited the Alive Museum on the first day. We had loads of fun there, my aunts & uncles were laughing so loudly throughout the entire museum that I am surprised we did not get a noise complaint. It was a great picture taking spot and some of the stuff are actually really well designed, like the Alice in Wonderland part. 

We also visited a Hanbok Cafe where we dressed up, did our makeup and took pictures in the Korean traditional outfits. That was way more interesting than I expected, plus we got some great family pictures out of it. 

BUT READ THIS IF YOU ARE GOING TO KOREA, the racoon cafe is WILD. There were dogs and a ton of racoons inside, it was insane. I love animals, I promise, but they were everywhere. The dogs would pull your shoes right off of your feet and run away with them, the walls had urine dripping down and a dog’s literally spat the biggest puddle of saliva down to the first floor from the second floor. Okay, all those things were actually true but it wasn’t as bad as I make it out to be I guess haha. It was a really great experience, and it definitely wasn’t the cafe’s fault that I felt a little overwhelmed, but this was probably my least favourite (sorry) place we went to. 

We also visited Lotte Mart and then went to a Sauna after. I have never been to a sauna before and it was just so cool! There were literally 6 or 7 floors in the Sauna place and every floor had something different. The hot & cold rooms were such a challenge, especially the ones at super extreme temperatures. But as usual, my family got a great laugh out of it. 

If you are visiting Korea as a family (and even if not), you need to check out Everland! It’s an amusement park, but it felt like so much more. There were actually a lot of different attractions you could look at, so many that you would have to take a little cable car to travel from area to area. There were rides like your typical amusement parks, but there was also a beautiful rose garden- we even went of a safari ride. Everland honestly had so much to offer, I really recommend it!

I won’t bore you by writing about every single place I visited but the last one, which was my favourite, is FRANK, a coffee shop on the outskirts of Seoul. This place served rainbow cakes, great lattes & Mendl’s Courtesan au Chocolat . Yes! Mendl’s Courtesan au Chocolat from the Grand Budapest Hotel. If you know me, you know I love Wes Anderson. I have had the biggest crush on all his work ever since I was in grade 8. Therefore, to be able to eat such a rare dessert that they made for his film was worth a trip to Korea on its own. It wasn’t just for looks though, the cream puff layers actually tasted so good, I bought two and brought one back to the hotel with me, and ate it as a midnight snack (oops haha). If you are also a huge Wes Anderson fan, you need to make a trip here ASAP. The pink Mendl’s box was also a great souvenir, for me, at least!

So that pretty much sums up my trip to Korea, it was Seoul fun. ;) I am glad I was able to visit there right before my internship started. It was the perfect trip.