AML Internship

I got back from Hong Kong a week ago and I am already taking summer school for CPSC 210. This means that the week I have been back has been crazy, everything from friends & family, work, to school, the only word I could use to describe myself is: exhausted. Since I'm taking a break from working on my assignment, I figured that I could be productive by blogging about what I've done during my summer Software Developer Internship in Hong Kong.

My summer internship lasted for 3 months. I worked everyday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. It took me about two hours to get to work and two hours back, which really means I pretty much only had a bit of spare time everyday after work. However, it was definitely worth it because of the amount of knowledge I've gained through it.

In the beginning of the placement, I worked on renewing the company's website from scratch. They gave me the opportunity to revamp their company's website, from mockups to implementation. I primarily used HTML, CSS & JavaScript. I've also learnt how to integrate Google Maps API and do some symmetric encryption on emails listed on the site to prevent spam. 

I've always loved front end development so I sat down on my first day thinking that I knew exactly what to do. However, working with a company was very different than making my own website. I have definitely been guilty for giving up certain functionalities on a website or even software I designed myself, for the sake of not wanting to complicate things in the past. However, as an intern, having minimal say in my work pushed my comfort zone and encouraged me to learn continuously to carry out different intricate designs. In addition, creating site maps and wireframes of the website to be approved prior to working was fairly new to me as I had never considered myself much of a designer. In addition, I was expected to optimize SEO, implement Google Analytics, which turned out to be a more interesting process than I had previously thought.

After finishing the website, they moved me to their software department. I predominantly worked on improving efficiency of data processing. I was told that I needed to learn VB/VBA on the job. I was terrified because learning a new language with such time constraint (and I mean time constraint as in I was given a couple of days to get familiar with it) is something I've never done before. But somehow, a couple of sleepless nights got me there. Sure, I wasn't fluent in the language, but I knew the basics & with the help of Google, I faked it till I made it. I ended up writing software to take over a lot of the company's previously manually done data processing, cutting down a month's work to just minutes of work.

Overall, the work environment was positive and encouraging. Every employee there were incredibly welcoming and of course, I could not thank the software department for guiding me through this internship. I have learnt more during this internship than I probably do in a year of school. In addition, I'm so grateful for my mentor constantly pushing me to my limits and allowing me to achieve more than I could have ever thought of. And hence, I took away from this internship also, more than I could have ever thought of.