Hey everyone! I went to Hack the North at the University of Waterloo over the past weekend. Since I was missing school on Friday because of it anyway, I decided to just head to Toronto early, and do a little 24 hours in Toronto adventure with my best friend.

Travelling with my best friend over the past summer has really made me an expert at rushing and visiting tourist attractions in half the amount of time regular people do. However, I honestly don't mind it. I find more often than not, I prefer visiting and exploring more places, compared to visiting less spots, but stay at each for a longer duration. Therefore, here is everything I did in Toronto with 24 hours (3pm Thursday - 3pm Friday).

1 ) Took the Union Pearson Express from the Airport to check in at our hotel

2) Took the streetcar, train, GO train, GO bus & the taxi, all just to get to Niagara falls, the view was stunning and Clifton Hill is absolutely gorgeous at night

3) Went around Union Station for a little midnight adventure

4) Snatched pictures with the CN tower at night

5) Visited Nathan Phillips Square

6) Did a 2 hour Ryerson University Campus tour (My friend was interested in one of their programs)

7) Checked out Eaton Center

8) Walked all along Yonge-Dundas Square (THIS PLACE IS BEAUTIFUL, I imagine New York's Time Square to be exactly like it <3)

9) Ate delicious sushi all you can eat at Spring Sushi @ Yonge-Dundas

10) Walked from Yonge-Dundas to the Art Gallery and then to Roy Thomson Hall, to check out the Toronto International Film Festival

11) Ate a cheesecake at Uncle Testu's!

12) Walked to China town, walked all around the area surrounding Dundas & Spadina

13) Got bubble tea, Arctic Bites (Creamy ice cream rolls) & Krispy Kreme

14) Went back to the Toronto airport & made my way to Waterloo (View my next post to read about my trip to Waterloo!)

That sums up my 24 hours there! I absolutely loved the 6ix- until we meet again, Toronto!