I was recently invited to mentor fellow students at Amazon Vancouver to give a talk about my experiences in the tech industry, as well as my thoughts on being a woman in engineering / computer science and here is my blog post about it!

At the start of the day, all the mentors showed up early, got our security badges and helped with welcoming the students in. It was crazy because I thought all the mentors would be around my age. However, turns out, most of them are industry professionals who work at Amazon (of course), Microsoft, SAP, Ladies Learning Code, etc. It was an honour to be at an event with so many inspiring woman in the field and I had a great time meeting and chatting with them.

We then had lightning talks based on varying subjects and moved on to little group discussions. Each group of students had their own mentors and they got the opportunity to ask about anything from applying into university, to the daily life of a software programmer. It was an incredibly gratifying discussion and I truly think they took away a lot from those talks (based on the reviews they gave back as well!). 

Again, mentoring at these events made me wish I knew about them when I was a bit younger so I could have attended them. However, it sure feels great being on the other side too! :) 

Group picture of all the lovely mentors

Group picture of all the lovely mentors

Thank you Amazon Vancouver for the invite, and for being wonderful hosts. Until next time!

( Interested and want to read more? Check out this blog post by Rebecca McKnight regarding the event! )