New Beginnings

My first semester back to school is finally over!

I can’t lie— it’s been such a fun semester that I almost miss staying up at Tim Horton’s studying until 4am with my friends, freaking out over logistics nightmares of the 3 nwPlus hackathons we organized, and playing tetris with my schedule to try to fit in ballet and UBC Acappella on busy days. But, it’s been done, and I averaged an A this semester! 🎉

I flew to Toronto the day after my last final exam and visited a bunch of friends. In fact, they even surprised me at the airport with a banner— it was one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me. I’m so grateful for friends like these. It’s always fun to catch up and listen to all the incredible things everyone’s up to!

I then took the bus and spent the rest of my days before the start of my summer internship, in Montreal reuniting with friends, and my family. My sister, her boyfriend, and I dreaded going to bed every night as we consistently stayed up playing (our favourite) Overcooked, Just Dance 4, (and our least favourite) Roblox. We cooked, we baked, we ate a lot of hot pot, we played tourist and finally, we visited Bota Bota—the most beautiful floating spa.

And now, I’m saying “Until next time!” to all this as I move to Seattle for my summer internship at Microsoft, where I’ll be joining their Azure Developer Relations team as a PM.

Here’s to a fun summer filled with learning! 🌞