PM#5: Outside of Work

I love hearing about what people do at work, but I especially love hearing about what people do outside of work. This inspired Derek and I to start The Intern Podcast last year— a podcast about employees’ side hustles. And one of my ongoing questions then becomes, how can I leverage my work-work to serve other initiatives I care about outside of it?

I’ve found one way!


Over the past 2 months, I have donated $1300 to 2 non-profit organizations— A.I. For Anyone and Unloop, all through volunteer hours. Not only does every employee start with $50 they can donate to any organization of their choice, Microsoft also matches every 1 volunteer hour to qualifying non-profits as a $25 donation. This means that not only am I helping them with actual volunteer work, I’m also actively donating money to the cause. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 1.11.57 PM.png

Going into my internship, I knew I wanted to dedicate my non work hours to solving problems I really cared about, with democratizing technology being my leading motivation. This translated into reaching out to A.I. For Anyone and asking to start their newsletter for them. This gave me an opportunity to kickstart an initiative, learn about AI (and interview awesome researchers), and of course, write. It has been an absolute honour moving the needle with them, and I’m excited to see where this newsletter takes us.

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