Artificial Intelligence

Shipped projects from Microsoft Internship (sole PM of the following 2 projects):

Snip Insights: Snip Insights is a snipping tool made to revolutionize the way users search by generating insights from images with AI. It increases productivity by reducing the amount of steps needed achieve results.  In addition to Insights, the tool also includes an editor, snipping shortcuts, and easy to toggle settings (C#, WPF, Azure Cognitive Services, ARIA, VSTS)

Mobile Chest X-Ray Analysis: Xamarin iOS & Android app analyze and interpret chest x-ray images, returns probability of 14 different diagnoses from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) chest x-ray dataset. This dataset is a publicly available and medically curated dataset (C#, Xamarin.Native, TensorFlow, CoreML, Visual Studio App Center, VSTS)

 Screenshot of Snip Insights on Microsoft Website

Screenshot of Snip Insights on Microsoft Website

 Screenshot of Chest X-Ray Mobile Analysis  on Microsoft Website

Screenshot of Chest X-Ray Mobile Analysis  on Microsoft Website

3D Video Editor

Leap through Space- a 3D video controller that allows users to easily navigate through 360 videos using hand gestures and movements along with a Leap Motion and a Griffin Powermate. Spinning the powermate adjusts the rotation of the video sphere, while positioning your hand on different parts of the controller allows for rotation along different axes and controls the zoom (C++, C#, openFrameworks, Unity, OSC, Samsung Gear 360, Powermate, Leap Motion)

- TreeHacks 2017

- Devpost

Angular App (NFC)

Encore- a mobile app that allows a user to tip and discover nearby street performers with the user of an NFC tag (Ionic, Cordova, Node.js, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, Amazon Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB)

Pearl Hacks 2017

- Devpost

Internet Wishlist (Open Source)

I created and maintain this open source web application made to recreate the no longer available Internet Wishlist-- connecting Internet dreamers to developers.


  1. Over 200 commits 
  2. 45 closed pull requests
  3. 24 active contributors
  4. 33 forks


  1. The project connects idea gurus and developers
  2. Idea gurus (aka anyone) can submit their specific ideas through a form on the website.
  3. Once the idea is approved, it will then be posted onto the website for any interested developers to work on.
  4. After the developer is done, they could send the GitHub repo / website/ app / game etc. directly back to the idea guru through the site.

- Repository

- Website